Will I Always Be an Amphetamine Addict?

Will I Always Be an Amphetamine Addict?Modern medical science recognizes addiction as a disease. Addiction in all its forms changes the brain in ways that can be observed, quantified and qualified. With this increasing awareness and knowledge of addiction, treatment is constantly improving to free addicts from the grip of addiction.

Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction

Drug addicts can be treated and can recover from their addiction. However, drug addicts are never cured of their addictions. An addict can stop using drugs, learn to live without drugs, go for the rest of her life and never use drugs again, and may recover completely from all the negative physical, mental and emotional effects of drug use. But, once the mind and body have experienced addiction, they can never return to the condition they were in before the addiction occurred. Even with successful treatment and recovery an amphetamine addict will always know what it is like to be an amphetamine addict. She will always have memories of using drugs to get high or to escape from the pressures of life. This means that relapse is always a possibility.

Recovery from Amphetamine Addiction

Drug addicts who have stopped using drugs are not considered cured of their addictions, but rather to be in recovery. Once an addict has stopped using drugs he should not say, “I used to be an addict,” but rather, “I am a recovering addict.” Even after many years of sobriety a recovering addict is still a recovering addict. If you are a recovering amphetamine addict it is important to make this distinction and to think of yourself this way. It may seem discouraging, but it is crucial to successful recovery to accept that relapse is always possible and to take steps to prevent it. Recovering addicts who are mindful of relapse will not put themselves in situations that may trigger relapse. They will be aware of their emotions and the feelings that may trigger relapse and will deal with them in constructive ways.

It is also important to remember that relapse can and does happen, and it does not mean the end of hope. Even after failed treatment or a relapse, recovery is still possible. In some cases an addict may relapse multiple times before finally achieving lasting sobriety. The important thing is not to give up on yourself and to do whatever it takes to free yourself of addiction.

Help Finding Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction

If you are struggling with amphetamine addiction we can help you find the treatment you need to get your life back. Our helpline is toll free and we are available 24 hours a day.