Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?

Will a Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?Interventions can be key to helping a loved one get treatment for addiction, but most families do not feel prepared to stage an intervention on their own. Finding a trained interventionist is challenging, and selecting the right interventionist is a daunting task. One option that is becoming more and more popular is using an addiction treatment center to stage an intervention for a user. This makes it easier to get the user right into treatment following the intervention, and the user and his family can trust that the treatment center will provide a professional interventionist.

How to Find an Addiction Interventionist

Looking in the phone book for an interventionist may not be the easiest way to find one, but interventionists are available and can help your loved one overcome addiction. An Internet search will yield many results for interventionists, but you should also check with treatment centers and ask if they can stage an intervention for your family. Many treatment centers will now do full-service interventions, where the interventionist is flown in and meets with the family at their house. Another option is for the family to travel to the addiction treatment center so that when the intervention is over the user can immediately begin addiction treatment without having to travel.

What Is the Goal of an Addiction Intervention?

Ultimately, the goal of an intervention is for the user to get treatment for his or her addiction. Having an interventionist from a treatment center may be effective because the interventionist will know specific details about the treatment center in question and can tell the user about what to expect during addiction treatment. This information can put a user at ease and cannot be provided by any members of the family or even other professional interventionists.

Why Stage an Addiction Intervention?

Staging an intervention is often a big step in a family’s struggle with addiction, and many times it results in the user receiving addiction treatment. Staging an intervention will allow you to confront your loved one about his or her addiction. If you would like to learn more about staging an intervention, you can call our toll-free helpline anytime, 24 hours a day. Our trained addiction experts will give you more tips on staging an intervention and can answer any of your questions about addiction or addiction treatment, so pick up the phone and call now.