Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Amphetamine

Why Willpower Alone Won’t Help You Abstain from Amphetamine
Willpower is a great asset in overcoming addiction, but it is not enough on its own

Willpower is not the direct flight out of addiction, but it is part of the way out; determination is part of the sobriety puzzle, but on its own it is not enough to maintain sobriety. Just like someone suffering from diabetes, treating the condition requires medication and lifestyle changes to promote health. Amphetamine addiction recovery works the same way: it is a whole lifestyle change, not one that requires a different mindset.

Why Willpower Is Not Enough in Amphetamine Addiction Recovery

Although willpower is a vital component to sobriety, on its own it typically is not enough to promote sobriety. To overcome addiction you may need any of the following elements:

  • Coping skills
  • Support system
  • Education
  • New routines

In addition to willpower, recovering addicts must learn new coping skills to overcome problems without resorting to amphetamines. Furthermore, support systems can motivate users to remain sober when cravings strike. Additionally, learning about addiction, understanding personal triggers and mastering techniques to overcome temptation can greatly increase your recovery. Lastly, develop new routines to realize that, with structure, you can avoid relapse and overcome the temptation to relapse.

Why Relying on Willpower Alone Leads to Relapse

Although willpower is a tremendous attribute that strengthens recovery, it is not enough on its own to weaken the power of addiction. If you rely on willpower alone, then you may relapse for any of the following reasons:

  • No distraction from temptation
  • Lack of support
  • Weak foundation

Learning how to distract yourself, especially during temptation, can mitigate a craving. However, if you solely rely on your willpower to overcome a craving, then distraction may not be around, which leaves you alone with temptation. Also, when overcoming addiction, it is important to have a support system that keeps your momentum going. When you are struggling with a craving and you lack support, then you will have to steer yourself in the right direction without any encouragement, a tall order. Lastly, having the support and guidance of others can keep you on track, and positive environments are extremely beneficial for recovering addicts. Without encouragement from other people, recovering addicts will have a difficult time maintaining their sobriety

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

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