Why Amphetamine Abuse Isn’t Limited to a Single Social Group

Amphetamine Abuse
Amphetamine Abuse and Social Groups

Amphetamines are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs, including Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine and Strattera. These drugs are frequently used to treat ADD and ADHD, disorders that impact the ability to function or succeed socially. Unfortunately, while these drugs manage ADD and ADHD symptoms, they have also gotten into the hands of people of all ages who abused these drugs and found themselves addicted. In other words, people of all ages have become addicted to these drugs, but professional treatment can help people get and stay clean.

Amphetamine Abuse among Different Age Groups

The abuse of some drugs are common among people of specific ages. For example, teenagers and young adults more frequently abuse K2 or bath salts, while older people usually abuse prescription opioids. However, amphetamines are drugs that people of all ages abuse, including the following people groups:

  • Teenagers – Many teenagers are turned on to the use of amphetamines by either their peers or by their own curiosity. Many teenagers are even prescribed amphetamines to help with their ADD or ADHD symptoms, which makes access to the drugs quite simple. Therefore, drug abuse is fairly common among this age group.
  • Young adults – Young adults are known for their fast-paced lifestyles, and many people within this age range are working one or more jobs all while trying to balance their personal and professional lives. This makes it easy to turn to amphetamines, especially as these drugs can provide the energy boost needed to accomplish the many acts people must accomplish.
  • Middle-aged individuals/elderly – Both people who are middle aged and elderly are also exposed to the abuse potential of amphetamines. People within this age range typically utilize amphetamines to keep up their productivity and energy, but they tend to require more of the drug since their bodies are naturally slowing down.

Amphetamine abuse is not limited to just one single social group; rather it is a common issue amongst social groups of all ages.

Amphetamine Abuse in Society

There are dozens of roles that individuals play, and amphetamine abuse, regardless of age can make these roles seem much easier. In today’s society, it is somewhat common for people to balance work, home, school, friends and more, and the pressure of doing so can be overwhelming to the point where any bit of assistance can help. Therefore, no matter a person’s age, amphetamine abuse can seem appealing, despite the many dangers that can come from the drug. Seek professional help to overcome amphetamine abuse as soon as possible.

Find Treatment for Amphetamine Abuse

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