Who is at Risk for Amphetamine Addiction?

Who is at Risk for Amphetamine Addiction?Amphetamines are some of the most commonly used drugs in the nation. They have a reputation for providing an extreme sense of focus and a big dose of energy. Most amphetamines are prescribed to patients who battle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to help balance out their brain chemistry so they can be more attentive. However, amphetamine use has gone past the point of a prescription, and has been abused by those who are not dealing with the symptoms ADHD can bring on. They are using it for their own purposes, which are endless. This type of mindset can expose certain types of people to the potential for amphetamine addiction, as they seek it out for their own personal reasons.

  • Students: Students make up the greatest majority of people who abuse amphetamines. Many times students will find themselves taking amphetamines to stay awake longer to party, or to increase their focus to make studying easier. This can quickly develop into an addiction, as the body and mind will become reliant on the medication to keep the student going at the pace they are trying to achieve through their use.
  • Businessmen and Businesswomen: Individuals who work in a high-powered, fast-paced work environment can find themselves struggling to stay afloat with the great amount of work placed in their laps. Through the use of amphetamines, these people can push through the fatigue to focus on deadlines and assignments imposed by their jobs. The constant pressure can be distracting, so the use of amphetamines can appear to alleviate the problem.
  • Medical professionals: Many medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, find themselves working long hours, and sometimes even night shifts. To maintain the energy needed to complete these kinds of hours can be difficult on their own, but through the use of amphetamines, they may feel that they can do more all while focusing better.

In general, those people who find themselves putting their nose to the grindstone can feel immense pressure from not only work or school, but in their family lives as well. This pressure can come from the amount of a work load, financial stressors, relationship issues, and increased responsibility. Exhaustion is very possible if just some of these situations are occurring, but the reality is that many people have issues with almost all of these things. Trying to stay ahead of the game can feel impossible, pushing many people to find different ways to keep going. Through the use of amphetamines, many people feel as though they have found the answer, but in reality, they are just adding more problems to the pile.

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