When Does Amphetamine Experimentation Become Addiction?

When Does Amphetamine Experimentation Become Addiction?Millions of people experiment with drug abuse at some point in their lives, however while not everyone who experiments becomes addicted, many people do. Amphetamines, such as Adderall, Ritalin, Strattera, Concerta are incredibly addictive – and also one of the most popular experimental drugs.

When Does Experimentation Become Addiction?

It is important to understand that even just experimenting with drugs is still considered drug abuse. The continual experimentation of amphetamines can lead to further abuse, which in turn can cause an addiction to develop. Some of the many ways in which experimentation can become addiction include the following:

  • Increased tolerance – Continued amphetamine abuse (even if it is just experimentation) can lead to an increase in tolerance, meaning that individuals will require more amphetamines to feel the effects.
  • Psychological dependency – The presence amphetamines in the system can create psychological issues, especially when they are leaving the system. To avoid withdrawals from amphetamine use (such as anxiety, depression, etc.), individuals will continue to use, thus leading to the development of addiction.
  • Physical dependency – Amphetamine use can also lead to physical dependency that can include withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, dizziness, heart palpitations, and much more. These withdrawals can all occur through experimentation.

Experimentation can produce both physical and psychological side effects, as well as an increased tolerance that can quickly cause experimentation to turn into addiction.

Additional Information

In general, those who experiment with drugs and find themselves addicted have not only gone through dependency issues, but have also developed reasons to continually use, despite the many warnings that they could be come addicted to amphetamines. In most cases, emotional issues cause continued amphetamine experimentation that leads to addiction, and it requires professional help to get sober. Not only can professional help treat the addiction issues, but it can also help provide answers for the emotional issues that are continually fueling the amphetamine addiction.

The only way to prevent experimentation from turning into addiction is to not experiment at all. If you are having trouble coping with your emotions, reach out for help before turning to drugs such as amphetamines.

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