What’s the Average Length of Stay in Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?

What's the Average Length of Stay in Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?One of the most popular substances abused these days is amphetamine, and addictions are constantly developing in new users. Affecting many people, from teens and young adults to middle-aged businesspeople, amphetamines seem to be a go-to drug for an extra boost of energy. Casual use of amphetamines can quickly develop a full-blown addiction, which puts many users in need of treatment to become sober. However, when it comes to choosing the right treatment program, many people question all kinds of things, especially how long rehab will take.

What Occurs during Amphetamine Rehabilitation?

Before getting any answers to how long treatment will take, it is important to know all the steps that go into amphetamine treatment. In this way, you can determine the best program for your needs while having a concept of the timeline. Therapy usually consists of the following methods:

  • Detox: There are a few ways to detox from amphetamines, one being to wean yourself off the drug, and another being to quit cold turkey. Either way, the side effects of amphetamine detox are not life-threatening, just incredibly uncomfortable. If people wean themselves off drugs, it could take up to two weeks to do so; if someone quits cold-turkey, it might take 3-4 weeks to acclimate body to the absence of amphetamines.
  • Therapy: Amphetamines can create a strong psychological dependency, as users view it as a medication that keeps them moving. Addicts often feel they cannot go without the drug, and look forward to the next dose. Therapy can help people adjust to the idea of going without amphetamines, but depending on the user and her specific situation, this process can last anywhere from a few weeks to three months.

Recovery is possible, but users should not rush treatment.

What to Expect from Rehabilitation

Once you enroll in inpatient treatment, you can estimate the length of stay based on the strength of your addiction and how long you have been using. If you are a minimal user, but realize that your use is falling out of control, you might only be there for a few weeks to one month. However, if you are lifelong user with serious emotional ties to the medication, you might be in rehab for up to 90 days before you are ready to rejoin society. A rehab center will not want you to leave treatment until you can combat any and all temptations to use. Until you are at that point, your length of stay will continue.

Help Overcoming Amphetamine Addiction

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