What to Do When Someone Lies About Amphetamine Use

What to Do When Someone Lies About Amphetamine Use
When a loved one lies about her amphetamine use, it is hard to know how to respond

Addiction is often based on lies. Amphetamine users may lie to themselves and to others, they may hide or justify their drug use, they may minimize the amount or the consequences of amphetamine use and they may even deny that the addiction exists in the first place. When a loved one lies about his amphetamine use, it is hard to know how to respond, but ignoring his lies will not make the situation any better. Seek help to begin recovery for drug abuse.


When a loved one lies about amphetamine use, then consider her actions to see the situation objectively. If she indicates drug abuse or addiction, then do not simply believe what this person tells you, but take action to promote recovery. It is tempting to ignore or minimize amphetamine abuse, especially if the addict is aiding your denial through denial and lies of her own. In other words, it is easier to believe the stories a loved one tells than it is to face the truth, but addiction is a progressive and chronic disease, so allowing it to progress makes the situation worse while it also complicates recovery. Addiction does not improve unless it is acknowledged and action is taken.


Recognize the difference between helping and enabling drug users, and acknowledge when your words or action support amphetamine abuse rather than recovery. If you realize that your loved one is addicted to amphetamines and that you no longer listen to his lies, denials and minimizations of drug-related behaviors, then you may still support his addiction through attempts to “help.” Offering a place to stay, food or money may seem like ways to protect your drug-using loved one, but these actions only protect him from facing the consequences that lead to recovery. Addicts will lie about needing money or about how the money will be spent, so requests for grocery or rent money are often thinly veiled requests for drugs—or the money may be used to purchase more drugs despite original intentions to do otherwise. The original request for money may be true, but it may a lie one once the addict has access to ready cash.


Find Truth in Amphetamine Addiction Recovery


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