What Measures Have Been Taken to Reduce Amphetamine Abuse?

What Measures Have Been Taken to Reduce Amphetamine Abuse?
Serious measures have been taken to reduce crime, injury and fatalities related to amphetamine use

Amphetamines are drugs that stimulate the brain’s central nervous system. Numerous amphetamines exist which are prescribed to treat several conditions. These drugs increase both physical and mental alertness. People feel energized, stimulated and even euphoric while under the influence of these drugs, and these effects contribute to the high risk for abusing the drug. The appeal of amphetamines is universal; people from all walks of life abuse this drug, and illegal production and sales skyrocketed during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, research from the National Institute of Drug Abuse shows that amphetamine abuse has recently declined steadily.

What Has Caused the Decline of Amphetamine Abuse in the US?

To crack-down on prescription drug abuse and illegal drug sales, the government has implemented better prescription drug monitoring programs; states can now rapidly and efficiently gather data on prescription drug use. Drug monitoring programs collect and analyze information on prescribing, dispensing and the use of prescription drugs, which minimizes doctor shopping and other means of obtaining large quantities of amphetamines. In other words, prescription drug monitoring programs reduce the rates of drug abuse and the supply of drugs that are available.

Furthermore, law-enforcement has bulked up on regulating prescription drug abuse. Amphetamines are schedule II controlled substances according to the Food and Drug Administration, which means that they are only legal to use with a prescription. The use, distribution, manufacturing and possession of amphetamines without a prescription merits legal fines, penalties, jail time and even court-ordered treatment.

For minor drug-related offenses it is becoming more and more common to bring the offender to a drug court to avoid jail time if she chooses to get treatment. These methods are highly praised, as several individuals who abuse prescription drugs would benefit from rehab rather than jail time. Drug-ordered treatment can put people on the right track toward sobriety. Several people are unfamiliar and uneducated about the realities of drug abuse and addiction, but court-ordered treatment can provide the knowledge, tools and resources that are necessary to overcome drug or alcohol abuse.

Help Quitting Amphetamine Abuse

It is never too late nor too soon to get help for amphetamine abuse. Recovery is easier the earlier you decide to get help, so take action now if you think you are ready to recover.

Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by admissions coordinators. Our staff is happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and to discuss treatment options. It is difficult to move toward treatment when you are uncertain what it entails, so reach out for help right now to begin learning how you can get and stay clean from amphetamines. Call today to speak with a recovery professional as soon as possible.