Ways that Amphetamines Can Cause Impaired Judgment

Ways that Amphetamines Can Cause Impaired Judgment
Amphetamine users may be less hesitant to try harder drugs or administer drug in risky ways, such as intravenously.

Amphetamines are drugs that stimulate the brain’s central nervous system. They allow a user to feel alert and focused by boosting the activity of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. There are several forms of amphetamines, both legal and illegal, all of which have the potential for chemical dependency and addiction.

Amphetamines are commonly used recreationally and abused. People seek the euphoric and energizing effects of stimulant drugs for a variety of different reasons: to stay awake for long periods of time; to experience euphoria; to feel energized and alert; and to lose weight.

Risks of Amphetamine Abuse

There is a long list of risks and dangers that can occur when amphetamines are abused, and like any mind-altering substance, amphetamines can significantly impair a user’s judgment. Time and time again, individuals convince themselves that they have control over their drug use and their behavior when they are under the influence of a mind-altering substance. Unfortunately, people underestimate the chemical power of these substances. If people could control their behavior, thought-processes, and judgment while under the influence, there wouldn’t be so many alcohol or drug-related vehicle accidents, injuries, domestic disputes or criminal activity.

Amphetamines cause a chemical change to take place in the brain. As a stimulant, amphetamines can cause feelings of euphoria, excitement and confidence. These drugs speed things up and in high doses can make a person feel powerful, even invincible. Users may talk rapidly, repeat themselves and feel like they cannot contain their energy or happiness. In large doses, amphetamines can cause a user’s brain to speed up so much that he experiences restlessness, irritability, anxiety, aggression paranoia, and paranoid psychosis.

Amphetamine users often feel on top of the world and more in control of themselves, and thus are more likely to behavior impulsively and recklessly; they are over-confident and oozing of self-esteem. In a normal frame of mind, individuals may practice better judgment when it comes to thinking, speaking and acting; however when under the influence of amphetamines, users lack the ability to control their impulses and inhibitions. The boost of energy and confidence impairs one’s judgment and this can lead to all sorts of misguided decisions. Amphetamines, like other drugs, impact the brain’s ability to make safe and sound choices. Users may engage in sexual acts, put themselves in dangerous situations, or spend large amounts of money. There is no end to the possible consequences a person can come across while acting under the influence. Amphetamine users may also be less hesitant to try other, harder drugs or administer drug in risky ways, such as intravenously.

Don’t Let Drugs Make Your Decisions

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