Truck Drivers Who Are Addicted to Speed

Truck drivers who are addicted to speedBeing a long-haul trucker can be exhausting and stressful, and it can lead you to use speed on the job. Getting your deliveries to their destinations on time can be stressful, and, with added pressure from your employer to be there on time, you may turn to speed as a way to stay awake. While amphetamine addiction among truck drivers can almost be understood, the reality is that the dangers of using speed while on the job far outweigh any potential benefits. Getting the rehab help that you need can save your life, and it can potentially save the lives of dozens of others who may be injured due to your altered state of mind.

The Legalities of Speed on the Job

Speed is illegal, and in addition to the crime of amphetamine possession there are a few other legal issues that you might not consider. Legal issues related to speed use by truck drivers may include the following:

  • A DWI: Having a DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge on your record can affect you in many negative ways. It can prevent you from landing a better job and can affect you in personal ways as well.
  • Jail time: Spending time in jail can put your job security in jeopardy and ensure that you have a criminal record that cannot be erased.
  • Court-ordered rehab: Some courts may order you to attend rehab for DWI/DUI offences. While it is vital that you get rehab treatment, court-ordered rehab may not be in the best facility and it may affect your ability to stay gainfully employed.

Speed Addiction Treatment Plans for Truck Drivers

An amphetamine addiction on the job, especially a job that involves driving a large and heavy vehicle at high rates of speed, can prove to be disastrous and deadly. Rehab for truck drivers that have a speed addiction is vital. Look for a rehab treatment plan that will be able to help you address your addiction in a manner that makes sobriety workable for you. Find a rehab program that is covered by insurance, as this will relieve stress related to financial concerns. Seek out a treatment facility that can help you develop the coping skills that will keep you from relapsing when the stresses of the job get to you. An integrated treatment facility can help to address your addiction problems while also identifying any co-occurring mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

Truck Drivers Can Get Help Today

You need to get help to beat your speed addiction. We are here 24 hours a day to provide that help. Our counselors are compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable, and they can provide you with the help that you need. Calls are confidential and free, and we are here to help. Please call today.