The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Amphetamine Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Amphetamine Addiction RecoveryLearning the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships can help strengthen an individual’s recovery efforts.  A closer look at a recovering addict’s relationships may help uncover relationships that are negative.  Close relatives, significant others, and even parents can have a negative influence on an individual’s life choices.

The Impact Healthy Relationships Have on Recovery

Healthy relationships have a positive impact on every aspect of an individual’s life.  The following are some examples of how these relationships may impact recovery:

  • Providing a strong support system
  • Encouraging healthy decisions
  • Respecting a recovering addict’s needs and wants

By having a reliable and strong support system, a recovering addict is able to have confidence in moving forward with recovery.  This support system may include individuals willing to accompany the recovering addict to community programs or help the recovering addict find employment.  Encouragement is a huge aspect in building self-confidence for recovering addicts.  Recovering addicts often have a lower self-esteem due to their past.  However, by constantly being surrounded by positive people, recovering addicts will soon gain a positive mentality as well.  Respect is also a major aspect for recovering addicts.  Their needs and wants should be a priority when it comes to avoiding certain locations and individuals, avoiding parties, or talking about cravings.

The Impact Unhealthy Relationships Have on Recovery

Unhealthy relationships can affect more than an individual’s sobriety. The following are some examples of how unhealthy relationships affect an individual’s recovery efforts:

  • Lacking support
  • Providing a negative environment
  • Neglecting priorities

Being in an unhealthy relationship means that those involved do not have each other’s best interests in mind.  These relationships often lack support for each other and can cause a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.  The negative atmosphere can cause an individual to look for a coping mechanism, such as amphetamine, to help alleviate stress, anxiety, or resentment.  Individuals in such relationships will worry about their own priorities and neglect others’ needs.  For example, if one individual is sober and does not want drug use to occur in the house, his or her significant other may not care about those desires and continue to use in the residence.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

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