The Danger of Thinking You Can use Amphetamine Just One More Time

The Danger of Thinking You Can use Amphetamine Just One More Time
Can You use Amphetamine Just One More Time?

Individuals who have acknowledged their lack of control over their amphetamine use and their need for addiction treatment are among a lucky minority. According to CASAColumbia, only 1 in 10 individuals who need help for drug or alcohol use receive it. There are many internal and external barriers to getting treatment, and once you believe you have overcome these, you may be tempted to use amphetamine one last time before going to rehab. One last use can seem like a way to celebrate your future sobriety or say goodbye to your drug of choice. However, it can ruin your already unfortunately slim chances for getting treatment, staying safe and finding a healthy and happy drug-free life.

Risk of Fatal Overdose

Overdose is always a risk associated with drug abuse. When using a last time before treatment, you may be tempted to take more of your drug of choice than usual or to use up any amphetamine you have left. You may also have stopped using amphetamine for a few days or weeks after realizing the problems it has caused. Taking more of the drug than your body is accustomed to increases the risks of overdose, and overdose can lead to serious and permanent health consequences or death.

Jail Time instead of Rehab

Drug use comes with legal consequences, and even if you have avoided getting in trouble, you may find yourself facing fines or jail time after one last amphetamine use. Court costs may divert money intended for treatment, or jail time may derail rehab plans. While alternative sentencing is sometimes a choice when facing drug-related charges, jail time may be your only option, or you may be required to remain in the state after making plans to attend treatment in a different area of the country. Limited treatment options mean you may not get the personalized care you need for a lasting addiction recovery.

Staying Stuck in a Deadly Amphetamine Addiction

Binging makes it easier to change your mind about treatment. You may be ready to get clean and start a new life until returning to your drug of choice and only remembering the pleasurable aspects of using rather than the serious consequences. The National Institutes of Health explains that, “motivation is inexorably linked to an understanding of personal change.” Any action that puts your motivation at risk puts your future health and sobriety at risk.

Getting Addiction Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with amphetamine use, don’t risk your chance of recovery. Get help now. Call our toll-free number to gain access to intervention or treatment resources for amphetamine and other drug addiction. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the personalized recovery resources that will work for you.