Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Amphetamine

Dangers of Combining Marijuana and AmphetamineDangerous drug combinations can easily cause accidental death, and combining marijuana and amphetamines presents a particular risk. One is an upper and the other a downer, but rather than cancel each other out, they simply mask the other’s effects. This is problematic, because a user continues to consume more drugs while experiencing reduced pleasurable effects. Unfortunately the dangers don’t stop there.

Risk of Overdose with Marijuana and Amphetamine

Marijuana may not cause a drug overdose, but amphetamine overdoses can lead to fatal hyperthermia, heart arrhythmia and stroke. Taking a drug that masks another’s effects can lead to additional use or it may delay the realization that a serious health issue is taking place. Risks of combining these drugs can include the following issues:

  • Lose track of how many amphetamines have already been consumed
  • Take too many amphetamines because the effects are masked
  • Create paranoia that a person is overreacting to a legitimate health emergency
  • Failure to recognize or properly react to an amphetamine overdose

Marijuana makes most people paranoid, but if something does not feel right, it is essential to seek emergency medical help. Amphetamine use can lead to heart attacks and other serious conditions that require immediate attention. Don’t risk it.

Is It Safe to Mix Marijuana and Amphetamine?

Marijuana generally reduces mental functioning and decision-making abilities, and this creates additional risks when used with other drugs. This includes the following issues:

  • Reduced inhibitions that lead to further drug and/or alcohol use
  • Making bad decisions like driving under the influence
  • Limited awareness of potential problems and risks
  • Psychological stress from a rapid heartbeat and relaxed mind
  • Putting others at risk if you are responsible for their safety

It should also be noted that amphetamines can have lethal interactions with other drugs, and using marijuana can limit the consideration of what adding such substances might do.

Treatment for Marijuana and Amphetamine Abuse

This drug cocktail is quite dangerous, so a willingness to take such health risks is a telling sign of an addiction. Whether the dependency is on marijuana, amphetamines or both, the best way to break free is through professional treatment. This involves the following services:

  • Determine which substances have created a physical and/or psychological dependency
  • Treat each dependency with its own personalized plan of attack
  • Medically supervised detox that limits or eliminates withdrawal symptoms
  • Explore what issues might have led to the original drug abuse
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Cognitive behavior therapy to purge risky behaviors and empower recovery
  • Teach relapse-prevention techniques such as avoiding drug-use triggers
  • Peer group therapy to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others
  • Aftercare support that includes individual counseling and recovery groups

Proper treatment will also look for any physical health damage that might have occurred. Just because the stimulants haven’t caused a heart attack yet doesn’t mean they haven’t done damage.

How to Break Multiple Addictions

Is your stoned mind stuck in slow motion, or is your heart beating too fast? This is a question you don’t want to be asking. The better move is to let us help. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to address warning signs, explain treatment options and check health insurance policies for coverage. Call today and let us help make a difference.