Natural Recovery Models for Amphetamine Treatment

Natural Recovery Models for Amphetamine TreatmentAmphetamine addiction is a complicated and multi-faceted disease that affects users both physically as well as emotionally. Some people are born with a biological predisposition toward addiction, but others develop a dependency to drugs or alcohol over time with repeated use. However, amphetamines are such powerful stimulants that most addicts become hooked the first time they try these drugs. Some few people find it relatively easy to quit this drug, but most wrestle with painful withdrawal symptoms and anxiety when they go long enough without a dose. Therefore, the ability to stay clean requires both physiological and emotional healing.

Different Paths to Addiction Recovery

Every person’s journey into addiction is unique, so it makes sense that there must be a variety of effective treatment options that help different people. Some people turn to hospitals for medical treatment, and have great success obtaining sobriety, but some others attend traditional detox and rehab programs to get and stay clean. However, recently an increasingly popular approach is the natural recovery model, which teaches people to avoid chemicals as much as possible while they utilize holistic techniques so the body can follow its own patterns of healing.

Several recovery programs have excellent results by focusing on the following natural techniques:

  • Personal counseling techniques that tap into the brain’s capacity for healing and learning
  • Nutritional and dietary support that reinforces the body’s healing process
  • Engaging in personally rewarding activities and experiences that create joy, happiness, satisfaction and peace
  • Team-building exercises that improve communication and boundary enforcement
  • Innovative relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, prayer, massage and acupuncture
  • Empowering education about the root causes and function of addiction
  • Opportunities to enhance self-esteem and purpose by serving others

The goal of all rehab programs is to help addicts find healthy ways to cope with stress without turning to drugs. For amphetamine addicts this is especially challenging, but many people are seeing real results from these natural recovery models.

Finding the Right Treatment Model for You

If you are ready to be free of your need for amphetamines, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are standing 24 hours a day to answer your questions, discuss treatment options and to help you find the right plan for your unique needs. We can connect you with natural recovery programs that have excellent success rates, so reach out for help right now. You may have failed to quit in the past, so you may not have experienced the incredible healing power of these modern, natural treatment options. Call now and let us help you break free from amphetamine addiction before it is too late.