Men and Amphetamines Abuse

Men and Amphetamines AbuseNearly 13 million Americans abuse amphetamines on a regular basis. Within the past two decades, these drugs have grown so much in popularity that people of all ages are abusing them for a variety of different reasons. Many teens and college students use amphetamines such as Adderall or Ritalin (known as the “A+ Drugs”) to increase their focus on their schoolwork. A number of women abuse amphetamines to give them the energy needed to balance a career, a spouse, children and personal hobbies. Men, on the other hand, abuse amphetamines for their own reasons, which are often gender-specific.

Why Do Men Abuse Amphetamines?

Men and women experience and process drug abuse much differently from one another. This is often because they use for different reasons. Some of the most common reasons why men abuse amphetamines include the following:

  • Mental illness – Men are often more predisposed to developing serious mental health issues than women are. These illnesses often include personality disorders and behavioral disorders, and when untreated, can become a source of extreme pain and anguish for a man. As a result, men might turn to the use of amphetamines to cope with mental illness.
  • Work-related pressure –Men may use amphetamines to stay energized and focused in the workplace in order to cope with the pressure they feel to succeed.
  • Physical injury –Not only is it common for men who obtain physical injuries to find themselves addicted to painkillers, but it is also common for them to develop abusive tendencies with amphetamines. This often develops in response to wanting to get back on their feet, return to work, or not appear weak.

Men abuse amphetamines for a number of different gender-specific reasons, including untreated mental illness, work-related pressures, and physical injuries.

Treatment For Men With Amphetamine Abuse Problems

Not only do men process amphetamine abuse differently than women, but they also process treatment differently, too. Therefore, gender-specific programs are available to help men work through their specific issues surrounding their amphetamine abuse. This includes allowing men to recover in the safety of other men, removing any judgment from the opposite sex during group therapy sessions, and staying focused on the goal of sobriety rather than being distracted by the opposite sex. These are often the greatest benefits of gender-specific care, which can help men overcome their amphetamine abuse problems once and for all.

Do You Need Amphetamine Abuse Treatment?

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