If I’m Addicted to Amphetamines, Do I Have to Go to Rehab?

If I'm Addicted to Amphetamines, Do I Have to Go to Rehab?Amphetamine addiction is one of the hardest dependencies to conquer. This devastating drug creates an almost immediate physical and psychological addiction. Addiction chemically rewires neural pathways in the brain, rendering users unable to resist cravings even when they desperately want to. The drug replaces natural substances that govern the body and brain, leading to powerful physical cravings and nightmarish withdrawal symptoms that can only be safely relieved in a medically supervised setting. Lasting recovery from amphetamine addiction is unlikely without caring, experienced treatment.

Psychological Amphetamine Addiction

The physical aspect of amphetamine addiction is intense, and withdrawal can actually be dangerous if attempted alone, but the real power of amphetamine addiction is the way it corrupts mental and psychological health. The drug super-stimulates the pleasure center of the brain, the same area that manages a variety of critical mental functions, including impulse control, emotional processes, anxiety, memory, and forming habits. The addicted brain will use all of these functions to keep the drugs coming. It can take months, years, or even a lifetime to recover from amphetamine addiction. Detox is not enough to get clean.

The Benefits of Amphetamine Addiction Rehabilitation

Although not all rehab programs are the same, the most effective ones offer patients a chance at rebuilding their lives and reprogramming their brains to pre-addiction functioning. This happens through deliberate, customized treatment developed for each individual patient by a team of recovery experts committed to your long-term physical, psychological and relational health. Co-occurring psychological issues are carefully diagnosed and treated alongside the addiction in fully integrated and holistic ways.
In top-quality recovery programs, patients’ bodies, minds and spirits are treated, nurtured and honored. There are many benefits from this kind of comprehensive treatment, including the following:

  • The ability to focus full-time energy on recovery and healing
  • Avoidance of the common triggers and stressors of daily life
  • Removal from an environment that provides access to amphetamines
  • Being surrounded by a staff and other recovering addicts who are all focused on the same, positive goals
  • Relief of many of the worst withdrawal symptoms through medically supervised detox
  • Comfortable resting conditions
  • Enjoyable activities and diversions
  • Healthy food and nutritional support

Amphetamine Addiction Help

If you are ready to get free from amphetamines, or if you have a loved one who is addicted to this deadly drug, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Our experienced and caring staff members can answer any questions you have about amphetamine addiction recovery. We can connect you with the best treatment facilities and can even help you navigate your health insurance.

One of the most common effects of amphetamine addiction is an inability to be patient about getting clean. Amphetamines drastically reduce attention span and the ability to appreciate delayed gratification. Rehab requires some time and effort, but a healthy life free of drugs is well worth your investment in recovery. Don’t be another on the list of failed amphetamine recovery attempts. Call today and let us give you the information and tactical support to make sure that you are successful in your effort to break free. The call is free and confidential and commits you to nothing. You have nothing to lose.