How to Manage Amphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms

How to Manage Amphetamine Withdrawal SymptomsAmphetamine, prescribed as Adderall and known on the street as speed, has a rapid rate of escalation and is therefore easy to get addicted to, whether the addict’s use of the drug began legitimately or not. Medically, amphetamine is prescribed to help narcoleptic patients or people with attention deficit disorders. Many students and athletes take amphetamine recreationally to get them through a long study session or grueling workout. Because of the addictiveness of this drug, as well as the severity of its withdrawal symptoms, users who want to quit need to enlist professional help immediately.

Symptoms of Amphetamine Withdrawal

Amphetamine withdrawal commonly includes the following symptoms:

The longer an individual has been abusing amphetamine, the worse these withdrawal symptoms will be. That is why proper recovery under the supervision of a medical professional is essential.

Recovering from Amphetamine Withdrawal

The doctor in charge of the amphetamine addict’s detox will implement a tapering regimen that keeps the body from having severe reactions to a sudden cessation of amphetamine input. The cold turkey approach is not a safe way to quit drug use. While the user is physically and mentally coping with the fact that he or she must take a decreased amount of the drug, the user will spend time in support groups and in one-on-one therapy. Support groups provide encouragement for the user to press on with recovery when cravings hit hard or the user’s willpower is low. Individual therapy sessions help to uncover the psychological causes of drug abuse and find healthy ways of placating the deep desires that amphetamine seems to satisfy, but only ends up aggravating. Professionals can also suggest practical ways for former addicts to cut themselves off from their former drug suppliers and fellow addicts, which will noticeably diminish temptation. There are currently no safe substitute drugs for doctors to prescribe to recovering amphetamine addicts; tapered use, support from loved ones and persistence are an amphetamine addict’s greatest allies in the pursuit of recovery.

Amphetamine Addiction Recovery Treatment

If you want to escape amphetamine addiction but are frightened by withdrawal, we are here to help. You can call our toll-free helpline anytime, day or night, for encouragement as you seek treatment and for help in finding the most effective treatment program for you. Call today and let us help you beat amphetamine addiction.