How to Let Go of Bad Habits in Rehab

How to Let Go of Bad Habits in Rehab
Some people find they can replace a bad habit, even drug addiction, with another behavior, like exercising

Addiction is a disease based in habit and routine. The connection between addiction and habit is so strong that one can be confused or misinterpreted as the other. This leads to the minimization of addiction as a problem or allows for continued misconceptions of addiction as a choice. As the New York Times explains, “Addiction is brought about by the repeated pursuit of highly attractive goals and corresponding inattention to alternative goals” (“Addiction Is a Bad Habit That Can Be Unlearned,” February 17, 2014). This does not negate addiction’s status as a disease, but it does show how habit and routine contribute to addiction. Since these factors help build amphetamine addiction, they need to be addressed in rehab for long-term recovery.

Replacing Old Habits with New Hobbies

Rehab does more than provide a place to overcome the past. It offers excitement and interest in the future, and it often does so by helping patients replace old habits associated with amphetamine or other drug use. As the National Institute of Health’s News in Health shares, “One way to kick bad habits is to actively replace unhealthy routines with new, healthy ones. Some people find they can replace a bad habit, even drug addiction, with another behavior, like exercising” (“Breaking Bad Habits,” January 2012). Quality rehab programs will help you find new, healthy behaviors or rekindle old interests and hobbies. They may offer a variety of fitness classes including yoga or dance. They will encourage patients to pursue artistic outlets such as writing, drawing or painting. Rehab professionals will listen to patients to determine what their interests outside of drug use may be, and they will offer opportunities to explore these interests and let go of bad habits by replacing them with positive, enjoyable activities.

Let Go of Bad Habits to Move Forward in Recovery

Do not stay stuck in the routine of drug use and addiction. You can break free from bad habits associated with amphetamine and other drug abuse, but doing so requires professional help. Many rehab programs offer the therapy, activities and support needed to replace or negate old habits, but finding the right one of these programs can seem overwhelming. Let us manage the confusion and stress of finding treatment for yourself or helping a loved one address addiction. We are here 24 hours a day, and our caring and confidential admissions coordinators are passionate about matching individuals to the right rehab program for their specific situation. All calls and phone services are free, so please let us help today.