How to Further Your Recovery from Amphetamine

How to Further Your Recovery from Amphetamine Recovery from addiction to amphetamine is a challenging process that continues long after inpatient rehab ends. While the physical aspects of addiction mostly fade in a matter of weeks, the psychological underpinnings of the disease may linger for months, years or even a lifetime. The secret to furthering your recovery from amphetamine is to take the progress made in rehab and continue and further it over time.

Physical Addiction to Amphetamine

Any time a substance replaces naturally occurring brain chemicals that allow a person to feel good, a physical dependency is likely to develop. With amphetamine this happens quickly, and users won’t be able to feel anything resembling “normal” without a supply of the drug. A range of physical withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur when an individual detoxes from the drug and reestablishes a natural chemical balance. This can take anywhere from several days to multiple weeks in advanced cases of amphetamine addiction.

Psychological Addiction to Amphetamine

Psychological addiction will last much longer than physical addiction, and it is considerably more challenging to overcome. Many people mistakenly believe that psychological or “emotional” addiction is just a matter of feelings or willpower. The fact is that amphetamine directly stimulates the pleasure center of the brain. This is the part of the brain that drives emotions, anxiety control, memory, impulse control and the establishment and reinforcement of behaviors and habits. The amphetamine-related reprogramming that happens in the brain will drive behavior more than rational thought or will. Reprogramming this compulsion requires discipline, expertise and time. The most effective treatment centers use a wide range of therapeutic tools to diagnose and treat all aspects of amphetamine addiction.

Continuing Amphetamine Addiction Recovery beyond Rehabilitation

While the process of recovery begins during residential rehab, the most successful individuals embrace a wide range of ongoing tools including the following:

  • Support group meetings
  • Counseling therapy
  • Continuing education about addiction and relapse avoidance
  • Commitment to healthy relationships
  • Finding opportunities to serve others
  • Embracing new hobbies or passions to productively fill time
  • Finding meaningful new ways to spend the money that was once spent on drugs

Find or Further Your Amphetamine Addiction Recovery

If you have been through rehab for amphetamine addiction or would like to put an end to amphetamine addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We can answer questions and encourage your sobriety. We can connect you with ongoing recovery resources such as support groups, counseling services and opportunities to volunteer. If you haven’t yet found professional recovery help, we can connect you to rehab resources. Please call today. We are here whenever you need us.