How Quickly Can I Get into Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction?

How Quickly Can I Get into Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction?Amphetamine addiction is common, as it affects thousands of people throughout the country. People abuse Adderall, Ritalin, ephedrine and bath salts, and continually abusing these substances can lead to a serious addiction. Amphetamine addicts may damage both their personal and professional lives, and they may also experience trouble with the law, their finances and more. To get help for such a debilitating problem, addicts often need professional help to begin treatment as soon as possible.

How to Get into Amphetamine Rehabilitation

Getting professional treatment is a great way for amphetamine addicts to break their habits for good. However, once they accept their need for treatment, they may have to wait to get into the facility of their choice. The following factors may influence whether someone can get into rehab:

  • Bed availability – Each treatment facility has a specific number of beds available for patients, so if a facility already houses its maximum number of occupants, it cannot accept another user until space becomes available. Depending on the turnover rate, landing a place in a treatment facility can take anywhere from a few days to three months.
  • Detox options – Some facilities lack the means to help amphetamine addicts through detox, which means that addicts may have fewer options for professional care than they expect. This can make getting into treatment last longer than normal, because users must first locate a facility that has space available, and also one that can treat a difficult addiction.
  • Transport – For many users, transportation to and from treatment can determine if they get help or not. Even though users might want to travel to a distant treatment facility, some users may not be able to afford it. This can impede people from getting into treatment, especially if they need help from the facility and/or their insurance companies to cover travel expenses.

Depending on bed availability, detox options and transport, many road blocks can keep amphetamine addicts from treatment.

Treating Amphetamine Addiction

Once addicts decide to get treatment, they may want to do so as quickly as possible. While it may take longer than they desire to go to rehab, they can begin other forms of treatment while they wait. For example, users can join support local groups to discuss the underlying causes of use. In addition, they can also work with doctors to begin weaning themselves off of amphetamines, which can prepare them for treatment. Utilizing these options while waiting for rehab can help treatment run much more smoothly.

Help for Amphetamine Addiction

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