How Often Is Counterfeit Amphetamine Sold?

How Often Is Counterfeit Amphetamine Sold?
Counterfeit Amphetamine

The illegal selling and purchasing of counterfeit amphetamine is very common on the streets and especially among foreign websites. Counterfeit amphetamine is usually claimed to be a common prescription drug such as Adderall and is made to look similar to the real prescription pill. It commonly comes in believable packaging and labeling with all of the correct ingredients and warnings of use. Counterfeit amphetamine is not commonly found when legal means of prescriptions are given and received through a licensed doctor. It is almost exclusively third party foreign websites and risky street distributors who push counterfeit amphetamine. Adderall is one of the most common forms of counterfeit amphetamine because of the periodic shortage of the substance. Websites and street distributors are aware of the shortage and target that particular form of amphetamine in order to ensure higher profits. Adderall is often counterfeited with a generic unlabeled white pill that is commonly in reality a mixture of ingredients that act more like a pain pill than a central nervous system stimulant. There are numerous and severe dangers to purchasing amphetamine illegally and receiving a counterfeit substance, and they include the following:

  • A counterfeit substance is often unknown to be counterfeit and will have unsuspected effects or dangerous interactions with certain other drugs that a person could be taking.
  • The ingredients and potency of the counterfeit substance could cause some people to unexpectedly overdose, resulting in potential death.
  • If a person is addicted to amphetamine and receives a counterfeit substance, he or she could experience potentially harmful and fatal withdrawal symptoms from amphetamine all while thinking he or she is continuing use of it.
  • The active ingredients in the counterfeit and unknown substances could negatively interact with other medicines or drugs a person might be taking.
  • The person taking the counterfeit substance could be severely allergic to certain unknown ingredients.
  • The counterfeit substance could lead to potentially dangerous mood disorders or mental health problems for the person consuming it.

Amphetamine is one of the more common substances to be counterfeited and sold through illegal means. Because amphetamine is so often counterfeited, it is essential to avoid using amphetamine unless it is legally prescribed by a licensed doctor. The dangers of purchasing and consuming illegal amphetamine can be potentially life threatening because the substance is so often counterfeited and has completely unknown ingredients.

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