How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Amphetamine Addiction?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Amphetamine Addiction?Amphetamine addiction doesn’t just affect the person taking the drugs. Addiction has lasting effects on a person’s family and friends. Children are often the most affected, being too young or inexperienced to know how to deal with complicated emotions. They have few role models to rely on, because everyone else is dealing with addiction. It is important to help your kids deal with addiction by being honest about what is going on and by telling them that you love them and that it is not their fault.

Why Do Kids Need to Know about Amphetamine Addiction?

Many parents think it is better to spare their children by trying to hide their addiction or by lying about it. Be honest with them that you have a disease that makes you take drugs, and tell them that it is not their fault when you act differently. It is important that they know you love them and that the problem isn’t their fault.

If your children are older and more mature, you may consider telling them how you became addicted to amphetamine. Many people initially abuse drugs as a way to have more energy or push themselves at work. You can explain to your children that you were trying to work harder but went about it the wrong way. Now your body has adjusted, and you have to overcome the addiction. Your teenagers may respect you for being honest about your drug use, and it may prevent them from abusing drugs themselves.

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Parents with Amphetamine Addiction

Considering rehab can be overwhelming when you think of raising kids, having a job and dealing with other responsibilities. You may think you can stop using on your own or that you can’t be away for that long because you need to care for your kids. The guilt of being addicted to amphetamine can make it seem important not to leave your kids to go to rehab.

The best way to be a good parent to your children is by achieving long-term sobriety, and rehab is your best option for becoming and staying sober. Amphetamine addiction is a progressive disease, and it will only escalate over time. Rehab includes counseling aimed specifically at addiction and its causes, and you will also be treated for any underlying co-occurring mental health issues. Along with the treatment you receive in rehab, you will learn how to deal with cravings and prevent relapse which will help you remain out of rehab and with your children in the future.

Telling Your Children about Amphetamine Addiction Rehabilitation

Once children have a grasp of how amphetamine addiction is affecting you, explain to them why you need to go to rehab. They may be upset, and it is important for them to understand that this is the only way you can better. It can be beneficial to include kids and family in the treatment process. Many treatment centers offer family days, and more are beginning to offer counseling for families. Amphetamine addiction can cause behavioral changes in the whole family, and family relationships can heal when counseling is attended together.

Get Help Today for Amphetamine Addiction

If you are abusing or addicted to amphetamine, get help today. The long-term risks to yourself and your children are not worth it. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline for more information, as we can answer your questions about addiction treatment.