How Long Does Amphetamine Rehab Last?

Amphetamine addiction is a powerful struggle. These drugs are some of the most intensely addictive and devastating. It is crucial for the long-term success of the addict that proper time and attention is given to the recovery process. Whatever time it takes, though, is far less of a burden than continuing to live with this deadly disease.

How Amphetamine Addiction Works

Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants. Some varieties are legitimately prescribed to relieve various disorders including hyper-activity, Attention Deficit Disorder and narcolepsy. Dilutions of the chemical also appear in over-the-counter cold medicines, diet pills and some cold and allergy medications. These drugs are often “cooked” and distilled into purely recreational and illegal versions such as the dreadful crystal meth or methamphetamine versions. These drugs are often immediately addictive.

Amphetamines create powerful physical and psychological addictions that often mask underlying psychological conditions like depression and various anxiety disorders. The presence of the drug causes the body to quit producing its own feel-good chemicals, rendering the user completely dependent on the drug to function. Intense withdrawal symptoms like extreme pain, flu-like symptoms and panic are likely to come on when the drug leaves the body. Some addicts fear withdrawal more than anything and it keeps them from getting the help they need.

The psychological addiction created by amphetamines can be even more powerful than the physical. The drug produces a feeling of invulnerability, power, confidence and energy. Once it leaves the user’s system her brain will crave it on a deep, emotional level that has little to do with rational thought. She will often be unable to resist the urge to take more of the drug without help. Various environments and circumstances will trigger the desire to have the drug. Advanced addicts will care more about the drug than food or water.

Amphetamine Addiction Rehabilitation

The most successful amphetamine rehab facilities understand that the addiction is a multi-faceted disease that will require careful analysis and caring attention to understand. Medically supervised detox may allow for the harshest symptoms of detox to be relieved. Physical withdrawal can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It is much safer to go through this process with a closely watching staff than alone.

Psychological rehab for amphetamines is a longer and more involved process. A serious and thorough diagnosis of any co-occurring disorders is crucial. The rehab process often involves four to six weeks of intensive inpatient treatment that includes individual counseling, group therapy, twelve-step programs, spiritual care, massage, exercise, healthy foods, alternative treatments like acupuncture and healthy diversions and activities. Once that process is complete most recovering addicts will attend regular meetings with support groups and counselors as they continue to unravel the twisted lines of addiction. These processes often become a strong positive in the life of the recovering addict as they offer healthy relationships and good times amidst the struggle to stay clean.

Need Help Finding Amphetamine Addiction Therapy?

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day. Call with any questions or concerns you have or if you’d like help finding the best treatment center for you. We can even confirm insurance coverage over the phone. Life is too short to waste on amphetamine addiction. Grab the reigns. Make the call today. A future free from amphetamines is waiting for you.