How Equine Therapy Can Help People with Addiction

How Equine Therapy Can Help People with AddictionEquine therapy develops relationships between patients and horses to promote emotional growth and stability. It provides an excellent tool for addicts when they are otherwise resistant to therapy. This therapy challenges a recovering addict’s emotions and behaviors and it helps build trust. If an amphetamine addict does not want to attend traditional talk therapy, she can go to this kind of treatment to begin opening up. In other words, if you want to overcome addiction in a fun and unique way, seek equine therapy to begin your road to recovery.

How Equine Therapy Promotes Addiction Recovery

Although equine therapy may not be the best form of addiction treatment, it can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Remove barriers
  • Challenge behaviors
  • Build trust

Horses can be extremely stubborn and will react to the emotions of people around them. For recovering addicts to work well with horses, they need to become emotionally vulnerable and also compassionate. Therefore, because horses can be stubborn, recovering addicts that work with them will need to adjust their behaviors and remain patient as they figure out how to lead the animal. This will also require the recovering addict to build trust so that the horse will follow the recovering addict.

Equine therapy is becoming a popular treatment method for addiction recovery because it can help addicts in the following ways:

  • Open and easily access feelings
  • Trust others
  • Work through new challenges
  • Ask for help in overcoming blocks and obstacles

Addicts often turn off all of their emotions while they struggle with addiction. This helps them stay numb and forget the feelings of others, which may be necessary if their behaviors harm their loved ones. This means that they focus on themselves, but equine therapy helps recovering addicts open up and turn their emotions back on. Additionally, while working with horses recovering addicts must gain the horse’s trust and behave in ways that show leadership. Since most individuals have not worked with horses before, they will need to work through new challenges as they build relationships with a strong, tough animal. These challenges may require the recovering addict to ask for help in overcoming blocks and challenges, something that will help them ask for help for addiction because it gives them practice at humility and relying on others.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

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