How Do I Know If I Need Immediate Treatment for Amphetamine Abuse?

How Do I Know If I Need Immediate Treatment for Amphetamine Abuse?
While starting treatment sooner is always better, some amphetamines addicts may require immediate treatment

The sooner you receive treatment for addiction the better, but at what point does the need for treatment become immediate? In cases where the user experiences severe physical or psychological effects or the user is in life-threatening danger, it may be important to access treatment as soon as possible. Urgent treatment may prevent further complications and help the user avoid problems such as suicide or other fatal situations.

Am I Addicted to Amphetamines?

Considering whether you have an amphetamine addiction is often the first sign that you have a problem. But there are other signs you can look for that will give you a better idea if addiction has developed. When you first started taking amphetamines it may have taken one pill to get high, but have you developed a tolerance since then? If you require more amphetamines to get high, you may have developed a tolerance. If you continue using more amphetamines because of this tolerance, you can become dependent. If you are dependent on amphetamines you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t take more. Withdrawal symptoms may include sweating, headaches and anxiety. Another sign of amphetamine addiction is continuing to use amphetamines when they interfere with your life. If you continue getting high despite amphetamines causing problems at work or in your relationships, you may have a problem.

Do I Need Immediate Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?

While some amphetamine users may have relatively minor addictions that require treatment but are not as disruptive, others are unable to function without amphetamines and are faced with imminent danger if they do not seek treatment. Amphetamine addiction is not the same for everyone, but if you experience thoughts of self-harm, engage in risky behavior or are having physical effects such as heart problems as a result of amphetamine abuse you may need immediate addiction treatment. Speak with a therapist or counselor today about your situation to determine if you need immediate treatment.

Get Help for Amphetamine Addiction

Stop putting off treatment and get the help you need for amphetamine addiction by calling our toll-free helpline today. A trained addiction expert is here to speak with you 24 hours a day about your addiction and the benefits of amphetamine addiction treatment. We can even help you determine if your health insurance will help pay for rehab and will provide more details about the types of treatment available. Call now for more information so you can begin your recovery today.