How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Amphetamines?

How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Amphetamines?Amphetamines are among the most addictive substances that people can use. They create physical and psychological compulsions that are much stronger than conscious thought, so recovery requires hard work, patience and top-notch rehab services. Many addicts will be unable to seek help until they hit rock-bottom, meaning they undo every benefit they have built in life. This means that breaking your boyfriend’s amphetamine addiction is not in your control, but as the loved-one of an amphetamine addict you can play a critical role your boyfriend’s addiction recovery.

How to Avoid Codependency with an Amphetamine Addict

Loved ones of amphetamine addicts must understand that addiction is a disease that will affect everyone in an addict’s life. Negative behavioral patterns may emerge as a result of a relationship with an amphetamine addict, so be on the lookout for the following symptoms of codependency:

  • Making excuses for an addict
  • Lying to protect the addict’s job or legal situation
  • Supporting an addict financially, which can delay hitting rock bottom
  • Emotional outbursts of frustration and rage may fuel substance abuse
  • Begging, pleading or otherwise empowering your boyfriend

Specialized counseling and educational programs have developed specifically for the friends and loved ones of addicts. These programs help people identify symptoms of codependency in themselves, and they help people quit enabling drug use. Codependency counseling can also help you avoid the trap of drug abuse that has ensnared your boyfriend.

How to Prepare for an Amphetamine Intervention with Your Boyfriend

One of the most important steps in your boyfriend’s addiction recovery is the moment he realizes that he has a problem, that he is powerless to fix it on his own and that you and other people are in his corner. These moments can occur if you hold an intervention, which has a few different forms. Anytime someone confronts an addict about his addiction, even a casual conversation about drug habits, this is an informal intervention. However, because amphetamine addictions are strong, you may need to plan a more formal intervention. These are carefully planned meetings that can be emotional, but professional interventionists can help you conduct one with your boyfriend to promote the best chances of success.

Help for Your Boyfriend’s Amphetamine Addiction

If you would like more information about amphetamine addiction, or if you would like to speak to a professional interventionist about talking with your boyfriend, then call our toll-free helpline. Our addiction counselors are ready to connect you with the best recovery resources available, and they can also help you understand the facts behind amphetamine addiction. We’re ready to help, so call us now for instant support.