How Amphetamine Addiction Affects Communities

How Amphetamine Addiction Affects Communities Amphetamine addiction devastates American communities in many ways. While many drugs were concentrated in urban areas, amphetamines have found their way to all corners of the country, from rural areas to industrialized metropolises. Despite increased interdiction efforts, awareness campaigns and increasingly effective treatment programs, proliferation of amphetamine continues to advance. Wherever it goes, community devastation follows.

How Amphetamine Addiction Affects Communities

Amphetamine addiction has ravaged communities from coast to coast in the following ways:

  • Home based meth labs create huge amounts of toxic waste that can kill all vegetation in their proximity and can spoil water supplies
  • Criminal activity surrounding suppliers of amphetamine has rocked previously quiet towns and neighborhoods
  • The relatively low prices and easy availability of amphetamines increases the risk of experimentation and addiction among young people
  • As legitimate over-the-counter cold medications are diverted for creating meth, access to these drugs becomes more problematic for legitimate users
  • Addicts who are high on amphetamine are more likely to be involved in violent crimes than people on other drugs
  • Amphetamine overdose claims thousands of lives each year

Traditional drug enforcement efforts have struggled to adapt to the changing demographics of amphetamine abuse. Small town police departments wrestle with capacity issues and have difficulty changing their interdiction and enforcement strategies to match this new problem.

Effects of Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine is one of the most addictive chemicals known to man (CITATION NEEDED?). Many people become addicted the first time they use the drug, and they will suffer both physical and psychological issues during recovery. The mental effects of amphetamine abuse can last for years, or even a lifetime, but the following consequences of this addiction is daunting:

  • Addicts experience serious physical side-effects from amphetamine use
  • The bursts of long-lasting, euphoric energy gives way to increasing tolerance and a desperate need for a supply of the drug to function
  • Amphetamine-induced brain damage impairs learning capacity and the kind of concentration needed to maintain a good job or school performance
  • Many addicts become psychotic due to this poisonous drug, which leads to domestic abuse, violent crime, robbery, kidnapping and many more dangerous crimes

If you struggle with amphetamine abuse, get help today before it claims your life.

Amphetamine Addiction Help

Amphetamine is a scourge on communities, from the lives devastated by addiction to the impact it has on criminal cultures. If you or someone you love have been affected by amphetamine addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors can answer any questions you have about amphetamine addiction and treatment, and can connect you with excellent recovery programs specially suited to meet your needs. This helpline is available 24 hours a day, so call us now for instant support.