Hormonal Balance and Amphetamine Use

Hormonal Balance and Amphetamine UseAmphetamines such as Adderall, Dexedrine and Benzedrine can all greatly disrupt a user’s hormones. As with most drugs, any amount of use can lead to problems, such as a hormonal imbalance that cause considerable trouble. Before taking amphetamines, users must understand how it can impact their health.

How Amphetamine Use Affects Hormone Balance

Hormones are natural messengers that send signals to different cells in the body. They help maintain emotional balance while keeping people feeling healthy and in control. If you take amphetamines, you alter the natural function of your hormones, which can lead to any of the following effects:

  • Extreme euphoria – Amphetamines are commonly known as speed, because they can make you much more aware of your surroundings while filling you with energy. Some users become so overjoyed with this energy that they feel capable of any feat, which means they may wind up harming themselves or others.
  • Depression – On the other hand, amphetamines can also encourage feelings of depression, even if they are prescribed to treat that issue. Amphetamine-induced depression is possible, where the symptoms of depression can heighten from amphetamine misuse.
  • Anxiety – Abusing amphetamines can increase anxiety levels, as withdrawing from the drug can stir up an uncomfortable hormonal response. As the body craves more amphetamines and you go without the drug, your hormones may go haywire, which can cause pangs of anxiety.
  • Mood swings – As with many other substances, amphetamine abuse can cause mood swings that take you from one extreme to the next, especially when you use, come down from your high and then repeat the process. These mood swings can encourage people to become violent or manic.

Misusing amphetamines can shock hormones as they try to adjust to the chemicals in your body. This may lead to episodes of extreme euphoria, depression, anxiety and violent mood swings.

How Hormone Changes Impact Amphetamine Addiction Recovery

As amphetamine abuse continues, it is highly likely that the related hormone imbalances will undermine treatment and recovery. Not only will your hormones make it more difficult for you to accept treatment, but they can also encourage you to keep using as they produce some appealing effects, such as euphoria. It is important to reach out for amphetamine addiction help to stop damaging your hormone levels and begin regaining emotional control.

Help with Amphetamine Addiction

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