European Views on Amphetamine

European Views on Amphetamine
European and American views are similar when it comes to the use and abuse of amphetamines

European and American views are similar when it comes to the use and abuse of amphetamines. Amphetamine use and abuse can be extremely dangerous to individuals that both use and individuals around those who use. Because of this, crime rates are known to soar in communities where amphetamine use is known to occur.

European Views on Amphetamine Use

European views are similar to American views on amphetamine use and abuse. Included in the following are some examples of how European culture regards amphetamine use:

  • Accepted use among partiers
  • Schedule II controlled substance
  • Highly addictive dangerous substance

European countries are finding it difficult to remain ahead of this drug of choice for party use. Along with amphetamine, recreational drugs often used at parties are heroin and ecstasy. In 1971, amphetamines became listed as a Schedule II controlled substance. This category of drug contains substances whose liability to abuse creates a substantial risk to the public and produces little to moderate therapeutic usefulness. Amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, are highly addictive substances that even after just one use can be hard to quit.

American Views on Amphetamine Use

Like Europeans, Americans views amphetamines as the following:

  • Schedule II controlled substance
  • Prevalent in most communities
  • Highly addictive

In the United States, amphetamines have been categorized as a Schedule II controlled substance. This means, without a valid prescription, it is illegal to have in one’s possession. The American populace has unfortunately grown accustom to news stories that feature meth labs discovered in residential basements and garages, indicating just how wide spread this problem has become for every community. Even if methamphetamine labs are not located in the community, chance have increased that a community member is illegally using amphetamines without a valid prescription. Similar to European views, amphetamines are known to be extremely addictive substances that have a tremendous effect on one’s life.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

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