Do Support Groups Really Aid Amphetamine Addiction Recovery?

Do Support Groups Really Aid Amphetamine Addiction Recovery?When people are recovering from amphetamine addiction, they should utilize all available resources to avoid relapse, including support groups. This treatment option helps addicts not only achieve, but also maintain recovery, because they connect people who struggle with similar problems. This can be especially beneficial to amphetamine addicts, so seek help today to find a community of recovering users.

How Amphetamine Addiction Works

Amphetamines, such as Adderall and Ritalin, stimulate the brain to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, narcolepsy and obesity. When taken properly, these drugs reduce the effects of these disorders, but they can lead to addiction if abused. Amphetamine addiction can produce strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms when an addict goes long enough without a dose, because their bodies have developed a dependency, meaning they need the drug to function. In other words, amphetamine addicts may struggle to overcome addiction, because they think they cannot thrive without the drug.

Because amphetamine addiction is so strong, users must seek help to overcome it. Users must first detox from the drug, and then they need to seek professional rehab to avoid relapse in the future. However, addiction is a lifelong illness, so it should be treated as such, which means that treatment should occur throughout life. One way to do this is through support groups.

Amphetamine Addiction Support Groups

In a support group, recovering addicts unite to offer accountability and support to other members. Meetings allow addicts to discuss their struggles with recovery, which allows them to encourage each other in continued sobriety. Support groups also share helpful ways to avoid relapse, which will help anyone who struggles to resist drug cravings. Unfortunately, support groups for amphetamine addicts are somewhat rare, but several support groups accept people who are addicted to any drug. For example, most Narcotics Anonymous (NA) chapters accept amphetamine addicts even though amphetamines are not narcotics. To summarize, if you want to overcome amphetamine addiction, find a local support group that can help you prevent relapse.

Many recovering addicts connect with support groups while in rehab, because these facilities understand the importance of accountability. Some facilities even offer support groups specifically for amphetamine addicts. But, if you lack a support group, you can locate one nearby rather easily. Finding a group like NA is often as simple as doing an online search, because most chapters maintain a current website with information like meeting times and locations.

Find Support Groups for Amphetamine Addicts

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming amphetamine addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about amphetamine addiction and treatment. Reach out to us right now for professional, instant support.