Dangers of Relapsing on Amphetamines

Dangers of Relapsing on AmphetaminesRelapse is one of the most frightening aspects of recovery, because even though a user might be determined to stay sober, there is always the possibility that he or she might slip back into former patterns of abuse. Relapse can be caused by a variety of things, including isolation, boredom, frustrations and an overall lack of support from others. When someone is working on overcoming amphetamine addiction, these triggers can become difficult to avoid and can often the lead to one or more occurrences of relapse.

The Dangers of Amphetamine Relapse

When amphetamine addicts relapse while in recovery, they might think that they can return to their former behaviors with little to no consequences. This is an extremely dangerous thought that puts both their physical and psychological health at risk. Relapsing on amphetamines can pose serious risks for a recovering user, including the following:

  • Overestimating tolerance – One of the most concerning aspects of an amphetamine relapse is that recovering users are more likely to feel that they can pick up right where they left off in terms of how much amphetamines they choose to use. Because they have been working on cleansing their system of the drug, users that take large doses of amphetamines after not using for a long period of time put themselves at risk for suffering from negative side effects, including overdose.
  • Replacing an addiction – When a relapse occurs, most recovering users find that they immediately circle back to the use of amphetamines, however in some cases, these users begin to replace their former amphetamine use with another substance. Doing this can be extremely dangerous as it not only continues the cycle of addiction, but also puts users at risk for suffering the many physical and emotional consequences of abusing a drug that they are not used to taking.
  • Returning to full use – Relapse is a very real and possible aspect of recovery, and many people relapse once or twice but are able to get reconnected with their treatment. For some, however, relapsing on amphetamines can derail their recovery and cause them to become actively addicted again. This puts additional strain on their physical health, which was likely already damaged from their previous use.

Relapsing on amphetamines or other drugs can increase a user’s potential for overdose, put him at risk from suffering side effects associated with additional drug use and bring him back to full-blown addiction.

How Users Can Prevent Amphetamine Relapse

By getting continual support, maintaining a positive lifestyle, and staying honest and accountable to their peers in recovery, amphetamine addicts can maintain their sobriety and avoid relapse. Amphetamine addicts in recovery should use the encouragement and support they receive from group therapy and participating in positive activities to ensure that they will not succumb to the temptations to use amphetamines or other drugs again.

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