Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of Amphetamines

Dangers of Counterfeit and Street Versions of AmphetaminesAmphetamines treat narcolepsy and ADHD by stimulating the central nervous system. They increase the amount of certain chemicals in the body, resulting in increased heart rate and blood pressure along with a decreased appetite.

One of the more common sources of amphetamine is the drug Adderall, which is often used, and abused, on college campuses by students trying to mitigate ADHD, stay up late to study for a test, or enhance a party with a buzz or high. Drugs like Adderall can be obtained with a prescription, but often they are obtained through illegal means by people who use them in reckless ways. This is particularly dangerous because of the increasing prevalence of counterfeit and street versions of amphetamines.

Dangers of Counterfeit Amphetamines

The danger of counterfeit and street versions of amphetamines is that of the unknown. These drugs have unknown contents and origins and have many times been laced with other drugs, making overdose an even bigger threat. Counterfeit drugs are also dangerous because it is so difficult to obtain a true picture of how widespread they’ve become. These drugs are always changing, which makes it hard to pin down or define precisely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that counterfeit drugs are a worldwide problem. They are particularly a problem for people seeking to obtain drugs illegally, from other countries via the Internet. Purchasing a drug with unknown contents from an unknown source only increases the already present danger.

Additionally, counterfeit and street versions of amphetamines make it much more difficult for doctors to treat things like overdose properly. If a patient comes in showing signs of overdose, doctors may treat her based on evidence of what she’s been taking, such as a bottle or label. But in the case of counterfeit and street versions of amphetamines, the actual contents of the drug could be very different than doctors think. By no fault of their own, doctors could mistreat the patient resulting in harm or death.

Help with Counterfeit Amphetamine

The WHO reports that in over 50% of cases, “medicines purchased over the Internet from illegal sites that conceal their physical address have been found to be counterfeit.” Suffice it to say, the longer you go on using amphetamines illegally, the chance of you ending up with a counterfeit batch will only increase. Getting help now is the way to eliminate this added risk and start on the road to recovery.

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