Breaking the Cycle of Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine is a psychostimulant drug that can be found in market drugs such as Adderall. Amphetamine is also used as a recreational drug for the energetic high or feeling of wakefulness it produces. It is an addictive substance with many negative side effects, and amphetamine withdrawal and recovery is difficult to overcome. Addiction to this drug can be very strong and should be carefully treated at a rehab center.

Factors That Contribute to Amphetamine Addiction

Most amphetamine addictions are strengthened by underlying causes and contributing factors such as the following:

  • Fear. A person may fear the withdrawal that accompanies quitting amphetamine. This is an unavoidable situation, and pain will often result during detoxification which is when the body cleanses itself of the drug. A person may fear rejection from their friends or even family if they reveal their struggles with addiction. Both of these fears can cause amphetamine use to continue or worsen.
  • Mental illness. A mental illness or any mental health concern can be a large contributor to addiction. Mental health issues make acknowledging and recovering from addiction more difficult. Specialty rehab exists that will treat both addiction and contributing mental concerns.
  • Environment. A person’s environment includes his or her situation at home, work or school or simply the people he or she associates with. A stressful home or school environment can push a person to turn to amphetamine for increased performance, and peer pressure can often contribute to a person’s decision to begin taking amphetamine to begin with.

Ending Amphetamine Addiction

Breaking an amphetamine addiction requires attention to both the physical effects of amphetamine on the body and the mental and emotional effects of drug use. Proper counseling and treatment can break the bonds of addiction and provide a greater opportunity to be free from amphetamine. There are different rehab options that include treatment for all aspects of amphetamine addiction, and users who want to overcome addiction should research the programs that will provide the best individualized treatment for long-term recovery.

We Can Help Break the Cycle of Amphetamine Addiction

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