Benefits of Addressing Amphetamine Addiction Problems Early

Benefits of Addressing Amphetamine Addiction Problems EarlyAmphetamine addiction progresses quickly and puts a person’s physical and mental health in serious jeopardy. While amphetamine abuse is often relatively easy to conceal at first, over time the effects become obvious to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. If left untreated, this disease can cause irreversible brain damage, seizures, organ failure, coma, or death. There are numerous advantages to the early identification and treatment of this deadly addiction.

Don’t Wait to Get Amphetamine Addiction Help

Early identification and treatment of amphetamine addiction is recommended for the following reasons:

  • The longer amphetamines are abused the worse withdrawal will be during detox
  • As the body builds a tolerance to amphetamine, the risk of overdose increases dramatically
  • Every day of amphetamine abuse causes serious destruction of brain and organ function
  • Extended abuse causes rapid deterioration of relationships, professional opportunities, and personal judgment
  • The psychological power of amphetamine addiction deepens with each passing day
  • The likelihood of relapse increases the longer the drug is abused

Neural pathways in the brain are re-programmed by amphetamine abuse. These pathways reinforce behavior much more powerfully than rational thought. These pathways are very strong and very hard to break and they are reinforced every time the drug is used.

The Power of Amphetamine Treatment Procrastination

The amphetamine addict’s brain will focus on every possible reason for delaying treatment. The following excuses, reasons and justifications are common among addicts:

  • This isn’t a good time at work, school or home. I’ll quit when I get a break
  • I am not addicted to amphetamine; I can quit whenever I want
  • I tried quitting and the withdrawal is too difficult
  • If I use just a little longer I can work more and earn enough money for rehab
  • I’m in good shape and I know how much of the drug I can handle
  • I’ve heard it can be dangerous to quit. I’ll just wean myself off

These excuses are common. The psychological side of amphetamine addiction can render a person unable to comprehend just how serious their disease is. Even when an amphetamine addict wants to quit they may simply be unable to. Justifications, excuses, blame-shifting, and denying that amphetamine is a problem are all early symptoms of addiction.

Finding Effective Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

If you have even the smallest concern that you have become addicted to amphetamine please call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night. Our counselors are always available to answer your questions and to connect you with the best recovery resources for your specific needs. The most effective treatment programs understand that amphetamine addiction is both physical and emotional and that all aspects of a person’s health must be addressed. This should include a careful diagnosis of any co-occurring disorders and a custom-designed treatment plan that involves individual counseling, education, support group meetings, medical support, and the development of healthy boundaries and coping skills.

There’s no better time to address your amphetamine problem than right now. Whether you have been using for a week or several years, we’re here to help you get clean and stay clean. Call now.