Amphetamine Rehab 101

Addiction to amphetamines is at an all-time high. The main culprit, cheap crystal meth amphetamine manufactured in hyper-toxic makeshift labs, is ravaging an entire generation. What starts as a rush of energy, euphoria and a feeling of invincibility quickly becomes a prison of misery. Amphetamine is one of the most difficult drugs to quit, and it causes long-lasting damage to the body and the mind. There is no such thing as a casual meth user. Most people become addicted the first time they try it and will need serious help when they decide to get clean. Fortunately amphetamine rehab exists and can help. Amphetamine creates several parallel types of addiction, and all of these must be confronted and dealt with if the patient is to experience long-term recovery. The best amphetamine addiction recovery programs understand this and dedicate time, energy and resources to diagnosing and treating all aspects and layers of this complicated disease.

Physical Detoxification from Amphetamine

Amphetamines create a strong physical dependence in users. The drug is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that the body adjusts to very quickly. It causes a massive spike in various brain chemicals related to emotions, confidence, energy and a sense of wellbeing. As the drug leaves the user’s system, he or she is left with none of the naturally occurring chemicals to manage bodily problems. The user is exposed to a wide range of intense withdrawal symptoms.

The first priority when a patient enters amphetamine rehab is detox which involves careful medical supervision and assistance during the withdrawal symptoms that occur, as the drug leaves the system. The administration of certain medications can greatly reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the length of the addiction and the quantity of the drug being consumed this detox phase can last from several days to several weeks. The best facilities offer comfortable, luxurious and restful environments for this process to take place.

Treating Psychological Amphetamine Addiction through Holistic Rehabilitation

Ending psychological addiction to amphetamine can be the most challenging aspect to overcome. Many people mistakenly believe that psychological addiction is a simple matter of willpower or personal discipline. This is not true. The high brought on by amphetamine creates a near instantaneous mental addiction by chemically rewiring certain neural pathways in the brain. The compulsion to take more drugs is much stronger than the desire to quit.

While the physical addiction may be cleared up in a matter of days, this psychological or emotional dependency may take months, years, or even a lifetime to complete. The process begins with inpatient, around the clock treatment in the form of individual counseling, support group meetings, twelve-step programs, empowering education, spiritual care, physical health care and fitness and maybe even progressive treatments like yoga and acupuncture. The process of psychological rehab is unique for each patient.

Find the Help You Need to End Amphetamine Addiction

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