Am I Powerless over Amphetamine Addiction?

Am I powerless over amphetamine addiction?Amphetamine addiction is a devastating disease that affects millions of Americans. Though amphetamine drugs have been available for decades, the relatively recent advent of inexpensive and easy to create methamphetamine (meth) has caused an explosion in addiction cases. Prescription amphetamines such as Adderall or Ritalin have also increased in popularity and ease of access. Amphetamine drugs are some of the most difficult drugs to get clean from. They damage the brain and body and create powerful physical and psychological addictions. Users may be powerless over amphetamine addiction on their own, but with the right professional help freedom from addiction can be found. Help is available for those who seek it and recovery is possible.

Why Is Amphetamine Addiction So Powerful?

Amphetamine addiction may begin with milder stimulant abuse and progress all the way to meth addiction. Amphetamine users will develop a tolerance to these drugs, and it will take greater quantities to produce the desired effects and to satisfy the brain’s physical need for the drug. As users increase amphetamine use to match tolerance, they may choose to use meth because of its relatively low price compared to prescription drugs or more refined illicit substances. Meth may also become a drug of choice because of the ease of access to it in most communities.

Once the brain has experienced the intense euphoria and explosive energy that comes from amphetamine use, it will crave these feelings relentlessly. Neural pathways are the agents of decision making and thought processing in the brain, and these are chemically rewired around the primary goal of getting and taking amphetamine. The brain will obsess over the drug, and users will find they care more about another dose than about relationships, work or even food. Behavior while controlled by the drug will create stress and anxiety that can lead to further drug use. The disease of amphetamine addiction is both physically and psychologically powerful, but this does not mean recovery is out of reach for anyone.

How to Get Clean from Amphetamine

Achieving lasting recovery from amphetamine addiction will require comprehensive treatment of body, mind and spirit. The most successful addiction recovery programs offer a wide array of services and therapies. Medically supervised detox allows for the relief of many of the worst withdrawal symptoms in a closely supervised environment. Dual Diagnosis treatment identifies any underlying or co-occurring mental health issues that users may have been consciously or unconsciously self-medicating. Counseling and therapy helps repair the mind and restructure behaviors after addiction. Recovery must be thorough and holistic and may provide the following:

  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • Spiritual care
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Education about addiction
  • The opportunity to connect with other people on a similar recovery journey

The process of amphetamine addiction recovery continues after rehab with counseling sessions and support group meetings. Recovery is a long-term effort, but finding power over amphetamine addiction is worth it.

Get Help with Amphetamine Addiction Today

You are not powerless over your or a loved one’s amphetamine addiction. Call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night, and our addiction experts will gladly answer any questions you may have and connect you with the treatment you need. It is our strong desire to help all who want freedom from amphetamine addiction. The call is free, anonymous and potentially life-changing. Call now.