Addictive Personalities and Amphetamine Addiction Development

Addictive Personalities and Amphetamine Addiction DevelopmentPeople with addictive personalities are much more likely to develop amphetamine addiction than those who do not have addictive personalities. This predisposition can be a result of genetics, environment or a mixture of both. Because people with this type of personality have a higher risk of amphetamine addiction development, it is important to understand addictive personality disorder in order to choose to stay away from drugs like amphetamines.

Traits of Addictive Personality Disorder

Addictive personality disorder can be very complex and generally tends to have many layers. This means that a person with these traits can have other underlying issues that contribute to their addictive personality. These traits can include the following:

  • Compulsive behavior – Oftentimes when people battle with compulsive disorders or behaviors, they find it difficult to be able to handle things in moderation, such as using drugs. They experience constant impulsive urges that can lead to using larger amounts of drugs to feed their needs.
  • Poor stress management – When stress is high and individuals do not have the proper coping skills to handle it, they can quickly begin to look for an easy release to their problems. It is common for people who lack the ability to handle their stress in a healthy manner to turn to the use of drugs to either find relaxation or keep them distracted from what the real problem is.
  • Insecurity – It is common for individuals who have insecurity issues to look for acceptance from others through giving into peer pressure or masking their insecurities through drug use. This can be a catalyst for an amphetamine addiction.

People with addictive personality disorder may also experience antisocial behaviors, intimacy issues, the need for instant gratification and difficulty accepting social norms, which can contribute to their amphetamine addiction.

Reasons for Amphetamine Use

Not everyone who has an addictive personality is going to struggle with an addiction; however, the likelihood of addiction is stronger for such individuals. When these individuals turn to drugs to solve their problems, amphetamines can be an attractive drug of choice for many reasons, including the following:

  • Focus – Amphetamines, such as Adderall and Ritalin, are known to help improve focus in users. Not only will this newly found focus allow individuals with addictive personality disorder to concentrate in certain areas of their lives, but it will also make them feel like they are more in control as their thoughts become less scattered.
  • Productivity – Amphetamines can make users feel like they are going a mile a minute, allowing for them to feel like they are accomplishing things left and right. For someone who finds it difficult to manage numerous things at the same time, amphetamines can appear to be an easy way to do so without stress.
  • Social acceptance – Many people with addictive personality disorder find it difficult to fit in with others, for their behaviors generally set them apart. Using amphetamines can prevent individuals from experiencing the emotions that might keep them from gaining acceptance from others.

People with addictive personality disorder can feel at a loss for control as they have difficulty handling everyday urges and frustrations, which can possibly lead to an amphetamine addiction. The most effective way to prevent this from occurring is recognizing the symptoms of this type of personality as soon as possible to receive the proper treatment for these issues before an addiction begins to form.

Amphetamine Addiction Help

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